Desk Phones


Headsets compatible with office desk phones like Ericson, LG, Alcatel, Vtech and more. Check out our range of desk phone compatible headsets here.

Mobile Phones


Mobile Phone compatible headset, with either 3.5mm or Bluetooth connectability. Check out our range of mobile phone compatible headset here.

Soft Phones


Headsets that connect to your computer and are compatible with most soft phones on the market. Check out our range of softphone compatible headsets.

Microsoft Teams/ Skype for Business


These headsets are certified to work with Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business. Often with buttons designed to work with Teams/ Skype functions. Our whole range of Micrsoft Teams and Skype for business headsets can be found here.

Get Microsoft Teams here   |   Get Skype for Business Here



Headsets optimized for use with Zoom. We have a good range available here.

Get Zoom here.


To best find the headset that is compatible with your phone system or set up, checkout the compatibility guide here:

if you find a headset using this guide that is not available on our website, let us know and we can investigate getting it in for you.

UC.png UC - Universal Communication, essentially means the headset will work with any softphone and are plug in and play right out of the box.
Teams.pngSkype.png Microsoft Teams/ Skype for Business - Headsets optimized to work with Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business out of the box, while UC headsets will still work, some features of a UC headset may not function properly on Teams/Skype, such as volume control. The optimized headsets have functions and buttons made specifically to work with Teams/Skype.
softphone.png Softphone - A computer program used to make calls over the internet.
bi.png Binaural/ Stereo - Two earpieces that goes over both ears.
mono.png Monaural - One earpiece that goes over one ear.