Don’t waste your money on a cheap stapler that will stop working soon after you buy it and jam up. There are lots of staplers to choose from, so we have developed this quick reference small guide to help you.

Buy the right stapler and you will never have any hassles stapling again. We recommend Rapid staplers as the premium and standard business end. They have very solid construction, and many offer the Super Flat Clinch technology. That means you won't catch a staple on anything again and your documents sit much flatter.

The Maped range are a great business grade stapler with solid construction. 

If you have any further questions or would like to know more about stapler options give us a call. We also have tiny staplers right up to electric staplers.

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Premium Business
Rapid Supreme staplers with Patented Super Flat Clinch technology for 40% flatter paper-stack corners and Omnipress technology - press anywhere along the top to staple with minimal effort. 

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Standard Business
High quality ABS plastic and TPE rubber with steel mechanism. Fashionable and ergonomic design. Great for home and office.

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The maped stapler range offers a complete range of staplers designed to be suitable for the home, office or classroom environment.


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