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At Kiwi Office we make custom stamps to match your needs. We use the Trodat brand stamps for their build quality and longevity, but can offer other brands such as Colop or Shiny on request.

Self-Inking Stamps

There are 3 self inking stamp brands to choose from:


Trodat has the widest range of styles and sizes and is Kiwi Office's recommended brand.


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Shiny offers a good range of budget custom stamps.


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Colop has a versatile range of impression sizes and formats for office and home.


Email us about Colop


Custom Hand Stamps

Come in either Wooden Handle or Rocker. Ideal for larger size stamps and can be made much bigger than Self-Inking stamps.

Wooden Handle Stamps come with a great handle, smooth to the touch, lovely, round and comfortable in the hand. Custom made for you and shaped to the image to reduce over marking. Priced by the height x width.


Rocker Stamps are traditional large stamps that have a curved base plate. This allows greater pressure to be applied to smaller areas of the image which improves the application of ink and provides a better mark on the paper.



Email us at with your design, size and colour and we will provide a proof and quote for you to sign off.