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Removes what you can’t see

Now that’s a relief for all the family

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The air in your home is alive with millions of particles, pollutants and toxins. They’re invisible to the human eye but they’re notorious for aggravating allergies, spreading viruses and creating odours. An AeraMax™ air purifier, with its automatic AeraSmart™ Sensor, safely removes 99.97% of these harmful airborne pollutants, so you can enjoy clean, fresh air - and a healthier home.


Clean, pure air

Now that’s a relief for all the family


147929c.png The air in your home is alive with millions of particles, pollutants and toxins. They’re invisible to the human eye but they’re notorious for aggravating allergies, spreading viruses and creating odours. An AeraMax™ air purifier, with its automatic AeraSmart™ Sensor, safely removes 99.97% of these harmful airborne pollutants, so you can enjoy clean, fresh air - and a healthier home.

Getting rid of allergens before they get you

Now that’s a relief for allergy sufferers

The air indoors is up to 5 times more polluted than the air outdoors. Allergens are airborne, so it’s important to purify the air in your home and remove the particles that cause so much misery for allergy sufferers.

An AeraMax™ air purifier, with its AeraSmart™ automatic sensor, safely removes 99.97% of germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens, pollen and dust, so you can enjoy clean, pure air and relief from your allergy in a healthier home.

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For air as pure as they are

Now that’s a relief for baby and you

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No matter how much you clean your home, the air indoors is alive with millions of particles, pollutants and toxins. These can be especially harmful to little ones whose organs are still developing.

An AeraMax™ air purifier in your baby’s nursery, with its automatic AeraSmart™ Sensor, will safely remove 99.97% of germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens, pollen and dust. So you and your little one can both breathe easier with clean, pure air in a healthier home.

Stopping the spread of germs and viruses

Now that’s a relief for all the family

Winter is rapidly approaching, so now’s the time to protect you and your family from millions of germs and viruses that are floating in the air.

An AeraMax™ air purifier, with its automatic AeraSmart™ Sensor, will safely remove 99.97% of these harmful airborne particles and help stop the spread of cold and flu viruses. You and your family can then enjoy clean, pure air in a healthier home.

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AeraMax Logo2.pngClean the Air We Share

The Rapid Global Spread of Covid-19

has increased our urgency to protect ourselves and each other. Healthy and safe facilities matter now, more than ever.

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Scientists Agree: The Covid-19 Airborne Threat is Real

Global healthcare experts and virologists agree: airborne, aerosol transmission of viruses poses a significant threat.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that COVID-19 can travel up to 4m in the air. 1

The New England Journal of Medicine reported the virus can remain suspended in air for up to 3 hours. 2

Research in The Netherlands found the typical 1.5m social distancing measurement between people to be ineffective...and recommended spacing of up to 20 metres. 3

Multiple studies “have demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that viruses are released during exhalation, talking, and coughing in microdoplets small enough to remain aloft in the air”. 4

How People are Infected

Study after study proves there are two transmission routes. A person can become infected through direct contact with a person or object carrying the virus. By air, with two transmission methods:

Airborne transmission via large droplets (> 10 microns) when people cough or sneeze (2m risk)

Airborne transmission through small particles (<5 microns) also generated by coughing/


A Complete Hygiene Solution

A proactive approach must consist of three essential components for protection against virus transmission in shared environments.

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We Need to Clean the Air

ASHRAE, the world’s largest association dedicated to the subject of ventilation and air quality (HVAC), published a statement regarding transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and the operation of HVAC systems during the COVID-19 pandemic which opened with:

"Transmission of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) through the air is sufficiently likely that airborne exposure to the virus should be controlled."

During tests, the researchers also found the coronavirus could be detected in the air up to three hours after emission, making it vital that people clean the air.4

"We are advocating for the use of preventive measures to mitigate this route of airborne transmission.”4

It Goes Beyond Just Viruses


The average person inhales 10,800 litres of indoor air every day, with most people spending 90% of their time indoors and nine hours per day in shared environments-spaces that are up to five times more polluted than outdoors.

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Sources: 4 Clinical Infectious Diseases, ciaa939, 

Protect What Matters


Poor air quality can lead to the airborne transmission of bacteria and viruses. In waiting rooms and consultation rooms in medical facilities the air must be cleaned in addition to surface and hand cleaning. 

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The dental profession is notorious for poor air quality, with labs brimming with dust from moulding and grinding appliances, and dental practices teeming with germs and bacteria from patient procedures. How bad is it? The dental profession has five of the top ten unhealthiest occupations, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

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The elderly are more vulnerable to viruses and other respiratory illnesses and have the added concern of weakened immune systems. There is also a high amount of visitors and an obvious need to protect the workforce from potential airborne threats.

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Office buildings are a prime example of a space that we share for upwards of 9 hours every day and have a constant flow of visitors, vendors and employees

who bring viruses, germs and pathogens into the workplace with them. Couple that with odours from food left in waste bins, conference rooms and common areas and it’s an IAQ hot spot.


Common areas and classrooms are breeding grounds for germs—and young respiratory systems are more susceptible to irritants that can exacerbate childhood allergies and asthma. What’s more, facilities staff find it increasingly difficult to effectively clean high-traffic areas rife with bacteria and viruses.

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Busy shared air environments where we spend our free time and our money, can be high risk for transmission. Improved indoor air quality is a great way

to provide maximum peace of mind for customers and improve brand perception. Hygiene and sanitation is essential in these environments.

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Why AeraMax Professional


Proven Performance


Patented, Responsive Technology


A Seamless Addition


Commercial Grade Durability

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* Verified HEPA capture efficiency at 0.3 microns


Patented, Responsive Technology

Patented EnviroSmart™ Technology uses dual self-regulating laser sensors to measure sound, motion and air quality

This technology means that AeraMax Professional works hard when it needs to, and shifts to standby when possible, saving energy and extending filter lifespan.

There are two sensing modes:

Normal Mode: automatically adjusts between all fan speeds to control air quality (ideal for most shared spaces)

Quiet Mode: uses quieter fan speeds when the space is occupied and all fan speeds when space is unoccupied (ideal where noise could be a concern)

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Seeing is believing - the best way to show your facility occupants that you are taking their health seriously is to show them! The invisible becomes visible with PureView™ technology, a display that allows occupants to see the difference as they feel the difference.

 Two high grade laser particle counters monitor air quality as it enters and exists the machine, enabling the screen to show the air quality data in two different display modes:


Room Status: shows the current air quality in the room and the % of particles being captured in real-time.

PM2.5: Displays real time the PM2.5 levels entering the unit and being removed in the filtration process.

The screen also showcases VOC/Odour levels and filter change reminders.


A Seamless Addition

The AeraMax Professional was designed to seamlessly integrate into your facility’s environment. All models are wall-mountable, unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing, so you can provide worry-free air purification wherever it’s needed most.


Commercial Grade Durability

All AeraMax Professional units are built with 24/7/365 operation in mind. That means continual use...and that means they’re constructed with superior components, high-grade filters and reinforced housings.

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The AeraMax Professional Difference

It Starts With Great HEPA Filtration

A well-engineered machine is quickly let down if using poor filters. Our True HEPA filters conform to IEST 1.5 HEPA Standard which proves 99.97% at the 0.3

micron size. In addition, our filters can capture more than 97.8% of pollutants at 0.1-0.15 microns, based on IBR Laboratories test data.

HEPA Stops Filtering Below 0.3 Microns - FALSE

HEPA filters do not work like a sieve. The reality is that HEPA filters can capture ALL particle sizes. Due to the physics of how HEPA filters work (diffusion, interception and impaction), there is often an insignificant drop in filtration efficiency close to 0.3 micron. Filtration efficiency continues at a high % well below this particle size.

Certified Performance

Against Influenza AeraMax Professional was independently tested and shown to remove 99.99% of airborne influenza flu virus within 20-35 minutes of operation

The Experts Agree

CDC: “Consider using portable high-efficiency particulate air

(HEPA) fan/ filtration systems to help enhance air cleaning

(especially in higher risk areas).”


CIBSE: “Room air cleaners effectively remove particles from air

which provides a similar effect compared to ventilation. To be

effective, air cleaners need to have at least HEPA filter efficiency

and to have a substantial part of room air pass through them”

Source: CIBSE COVID-19 Ventilation Guidance (Version 2, 12 May 2020)

The Science of Clean Air

A Computational Fluid Dynamics study demonstrates how AeraMax Professional systems improve air quality by diluting and removing airborne contaminants.

Contaminant Cloud Without System
Contaminant Cloud With System Over Stalls

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Assumes all six toilets flushing all at once, constantly and stall doors closed

AeraMax 22.png

Significant decrease in concentration of contaminant at 2.5 PPM (red) Increase in pure air in area directly in front of stalls To achieve this with HVAC would require 250% flow rate increase

Wall Mount Benefits

During our CFD simulation testing we observed significant full room filtration efficiency when wall mounted. Solution can be installed closer to the source concern

Creates whole-room circulation and increases clean air distribution (less obstacles in air path) Contaminated air is pulled closer to head height (breathing level) and not from the floor Improves efficiency of ACH performance.

Air Changes Per Hour (ACH)

Simply put, ACH is the amount of times we can move the volume of air in a room through our machine. An ACH of 5 means your air is being cleaned every 12 minutes! You should be aiming for 3-5 air changes per hour.

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