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A brand that has been around since 1940 Paper Mate® is one of the most recognizable brands of pens around the world.

An entrepreneur named Patrick J. Frawley overcame obstacles in an underperforming ballpoint industry and obtained a ballpoint pen parts manufacturer that helped begin his journey to improve ballpoint pen ink and change the industry of pens.

In 1949 the Paper Mate® pen arrived, this pen revolutionized the ballpoint pen industry with its new instant-drying ink that never leaked. This was the beginning of Paper Mate® becoming a world leader in writing instruments and by early 1953, a household name.

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Paper Mate® create Kiwi Office's most popular pen, the Inkjoy 100RT. With its smooth fast starting ink and affordable price makes it the ideal pen for everyone.

Paper Mate® continued to build on its brand over the years with notable innovations and releases such as:


Paper Mate® Flair® Felt Tipped pen, introducing bright colours to peoples writing range.


Write Bros.® a reliable and versatile pen to handle all tasks big and small.


Eraser Mate® an erasable pen that writes like a pen but erases like a pencil.


Liquid Paper® a correction fluid, became part of Paper Mate's family.


SharpWriter® the classic yellow mechanical pencil with shock-absorbing tip.


Flexgrip® one of the first soft rubberized barrel pens, designed for comfort.


Lubriglide® all-new pen refill with a lubricated ink for more smoother writing.


Clearpont® fun vivid coloured and clear barreled mechanical pencils.


Profile® one of the boldest and smoothest pens to launch into the market.


Inkjoy® pens are designed with revolutionary ink to make writing effortless.


Inkjoy® Gel expands the range with quick drying gel ink and bright colours.


Clearpoint® erasable colour lead mechanical pencils.

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Paper Mate® is a Newell Brands product.