Since the invention of the first transparent tape in 1930, Scotch™ Brand and 3M have offered more than 400 varieties of adhesive tape and countless other products from spray adhesives and super glue to tape dispensers and laminators.


Scotch™ Brand Tape was invented in 1930 by 3M engineer Richard Drew and has since expanded range to cover all your needs.

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Everyday Tape
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Scotch™ Brand Scissors are designed for high performance and endurance. Most of the range are designed for both left and right-handed use.


Scotch™ Brand Mounting Products are the perfect replacement for nails, screws or Tack. Designed for a variety of weight with lasting strength.


Scotch™ Brand Adhesive Transfer Tape (ATG) offer a lightweight, portable, one-hand solution for applying adhesive transfer tape to metal, plastic, foam, paper and more. No preparation is necessary, and the applicators do not produce fumes, vapors or strong odors. Additionally, they provide consistent thickness with no mess from oozing, glue lines or aerosol-adhesive overspray. During use, the adhesive transfer tape's liner removes automatically and rewinds into the applicator. The adhesive system allows you to only use the necessary amount of tape, while providing an option for exchanging to new or previously used rolls of adhesives with different performance attributes.