Need Milk?

Want to save money

and time?

Why is getting milk annoying?
  • Have to go down the road to the dairy or supermarket.
  • Have to find petty cash and keep track of receipts.
  • Have to carry back heavy, cold, and wet bottles.
  • Always run out at the worst time (visitors).
Why do they need so much milk?
  • Many companies have bought Espresso machines.
  • A high number of office or factory workers.
What are the benefits?
  • Premium quality branded product means consistent quality and shelf life.
  • A recurring order means an order was never forgotten so never run out.
  • Milk is delivered at a time and location as selected by the customer so they know where it is.
  • Billing is monthly and your Kiwi Office account. Easy and no petty cash to reconcile.

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