Kiwi Office are proud to introduce noblechairs and Nitro Concepts Gaming Chairs into our product range.

noblechairs offer the next level of office seating, inspired by the world’s best racing cars. noblechairs are the premium choice for the discerning individual, built ergonomically and with painstaking attention to detail.

Nitro Concepts are the product of passionate gamers and seasoned veterans of the textile industry. All Nitro Concepts chairs put a strong emphasis on high grade materials, ergonomics, design functionality and gaming style.



Combines elegant-sporty design with improved ergonomics to create the ultimate seating experience for those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer.


Icon Real Leather Black


Icon Real Leather Midnight Blue


Icon PU Leather Black


Icon PU Leather White & Black


Icon PU Leather Black & Platinum White




The biggest noblechairs ever built, designed for competitive players.Featuring Adjustable Lumbar Support for utmost backrest customization, and exquisite memory foam in the headrest.


Hero Real Leather Black


Hero PU Leather Black


Hero PU Leather Black & Gold




The EPIC backrest contains characteristic padding which supports the natural curvature of the back in a way that naturally improves posture, alongside the chair possessing a thicker and firmer cold foam core to assist you in keeping a healthy posture.

The massive aluminum base is very resistant to external influences and can carry a weight of up to 120 kg, which allows you to tilt back up to 135° to get some rest.

With height, depth, width, and angle options, the 4D armrests become an extension of your desk and offer a variety of configuration options for long hours of work or gaming.



Epic Real Leather Black


Epic PU Leather Black


Epic PU Leather Black & Pink



Epic PU Black & Red


Epic PU Leather White & Black


Epic PU Leather Black & Gold




3D Armrests, H.E.A.T. tuning system, 50mm casters, Chair crossing with colour accents, Safety class 4 gas lift, Top-notch rocking mechanism up to 14 degrees, Attractive Design, Shining colours, Comfortable cold foam upholstery, Head and lumber support pillows


S300 EX PU Leather


S300 Fabric Black


S300 Fabric Urban Camo